Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lady Gaga ''Born This Way'' Halloween Tutorial

Wow! Halloween is approaching!! So how 'bout I finally do the follow-up to my Lady Gaga Halloween Tutorial?

You'll need:
Blonde wig tied in a side ponytail
Pale pink hair extension
Black and white face paint
Black tux

This eerie look requires face paint because you have to be a monster. Use that to create a skull design on your face and neck, using the picture above.

Lady Gaga is wearing a tux while sporting this look in her ''Born This Way'' music video, so it's time to raid your father's, uncle's or even brother's closet for a black tux and white shirt. This look also requires a bow tie, available at any thrift store.

Hair: Wear a long blonde wig, and tie it in a side ponytail. Add some light pink extensions. I even saw the actual wig, so buy that if you can.

So, that was a brief tutorial. Hope you enjoyed!!!!!


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