Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ke$ha Halloween Tutorial

Time to start my 30 Days of Halloween! Yay! I'm a pretty big Ke$ha fan, and I find her look is really cool and original, so why not be her for Halloween?

You'll need:
Black eyeliner pencil
Smokey eye kit (or shadows)
Blue lipstick
Cutoff shorts or an old pair of jeans
Cowboy or motorcycle boots
A leather or fur jacket
Black band t-shirt
Messy blond wig or something to make your hair messy
Lots of glitter!

Here is a picture of Ke$ha herself:
For Ke$ha, she always has dark, loud makeup, but I'm no makeup specialist. Do smokey eyes using a palette or individual shadows. Wear lots of mascara or false lashes. Now, using your eyeliner, make the tears seen in the picture above. Search YouTube, magazines or blogs for a tutorial! Finish off with blue lipstick

Ke$ha is often spotted wearing black. Wear a black band t-shirt or a t-shirt with a wild animal on it, which is also something she would wear. Next, wear cutoff shorts. If you don't own a pair, use old jeans or buy a cheap pair at a thrift store and cut them really short. Another Ke$ha trademark is a leather or fur jacket. Ideal: a fur motorcycle jacket. If you don't know what that is, see my ''Fall Outerwear'' post. Finish with cowboy or motorcycle boots. Well, any black or brown boots will do!
Another idea is to buy a long black t-shirt, wear a tank underneath and fringe it using scissors. That is your dress. Finish off with the same two things: Leather jacket and boots.

Ke$ha's hair is so messy and carefree. Copy her look by buying a long blonde wig with no bangs and just mess it up. You can just leave it out of the box, and it will mess itself up! If you have blonde hair, just mess it up yourself by tousling and back-combing.

Glitter! Before leaving, throw glitter or comfetti on yourself. You can even use glitter body spray.  Leopard nails are also a must! Use Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in the leopard pattern to get the look and protect your natural nails instead of using false nails!

So there you have it! Just a tip: I DON'T reccomend dressing like this every day, but, hey, it's HALLOWEEN!!!

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