Sunday, October 02, 2011

Kathy Beth Terry Halloween Tutorial

Ha! If you want to be a nerd for Halloween, don't just be ANY nerd, be Katy Perry's character in her ''Last Friday Night (TGIF)'' music video! It's so easy and will get you noticed!!

You'll Need:
A pink sweater or turtleneck
A denim romper
Tortoise shell nerd glasses
Fake braces and headgear
Black wig (optional)
Decorative elastic or scrunchy
Plastic barette
Crocs and socks

Here is a picture of Kathy Beth Terry herself:

Kathy Beth dosen't often wear makeup, or she does, but it's very subtle, so it's not neccisary

Her signature outfit is a light denim romper/jumpsuit with a pink turtleneck underneath. Since the video is set in the 80's, these clothes are vintage looking and can be found at any thrift store. If you can't find a romper, go for a denim dress, but if that's hard to find, go for light denim shorts and a denim vest. For shoes, she wears tie dye Crocs with socks. Crocs are so easy to find and pretty cheap, so that's super easy! (Just an FYI, DON'T WEAR THEM WHEN IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN!!!)
Kathy's hair is always in a side braid, tied by an exaggerated elastic. In the video, it has little ball-shaped beads, but any neon, patterned and fun scrunchy will do! She also has a plastic barette, which is avaiable at any dollar store. If you want the exact black hair, braid a black wig.

What's the typical nerd without glasses, braces and headgear? Tape up some tortoise shell nerd glasses, get a fake braces/headgear set and you're done! (All available at party supply stores!)
Hope this tutorial was helpful!

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