Friday, October 07, 2011

Finally!! Barbie Halloween Tutorial

I'm finally doing my tutorials again!! I saw by watching other tutorials, people requested Barbie, the ultimate girly-girl, so why not do it myself? Feel free to continue requesting, and let me know what YOU'RE gonna be for Halloween! FYI'S: 1-I am completely fine, nothing's happened to me and there is no valid reason for me to have not been blogging. Just follow me on Twitter, link at the end of the tutorial to know what I'm up to and why I'm not blogging at the moment! And 2-I will not do a tutorial for my costume, I'll most probably do an OOTD. Again, the only way to know is Twitter!

You'll need:
Pink dress
Pink shoes
Pink purse (possibly plastic)
Blonde wig (if you're not blonde)
 Baby pink lipstick
Blue or pink eyeshadow (possibly glittery)

Here is Barbie herself:

Remember, you're a doll. Makeup IS costume-y. You're portraying the typical blonde Barbie, who normally wears pink or blue eyeshadow, so pile it on! False lashes are a must, but you should paint some on to REALLY look like a doll! Finish with baby pink lipstick

Pile on the pink! Wear a pink dress, cut a slit in the back and attach Velcro. Wear pink shoes, bracelets and carry a pink purse! Sunglasses on your head can also be worn!



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  1. i might be this for Halloween, the makeup would be fun!! :D