Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black Swan Halloween Tutorial

Ahh finally!!! Haven't done one in ages!! If I'd pick a second costume to be, I'd be this. (Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan)

 You'll need:
Black tutu
Black leotard
Black eye makeup/face paint shaped as wings
Black tiara
Dark red lipstick
Pale foundation

Start by piling on tons of pale foundation. Create wings using black and brown face paint around your eyes. Use the picture above as a reference. Finish off with dark red lips and you're done!

You're portraying a ballerina. Really. What else to do than a tight top bun? Finish off with a tiara, and your look is done!

Again, you're portraying a ballerina, so wear any black leotard with a black tutu, although the one in the movie is decked out in feathers and glitter. It really doesn't matter how it is decorated, as long as it's a black tutu and leotard.


Hope you enjoyed!

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