Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween guys!
I am so excited! Have a great night!!! This is not only a post to wish you a happy Halloween, also to thank you! My Halloween tutorials have ridiculous amounts of views for a fairly new blog. So thank you for your support!

Also, time to announce who I am dressing up as. I don't have a tutorial because I wanted it to be a surprise, but I am...
Katy Perry!!

Pretty obvious once you think about it! So excited! The dress I have is from the ''California Gurls'' music video, the dot candy one.

So hope you have a great night and thank you!!!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eerie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

WHAT? A makeup tutorial on Tween Dreams? Must be dreaming. No, don't be fooled into thinking this is a wearable look, and pay close attention to the word 'Halloween'!

I saw this really creepy commercial with a lady that had eyes painted on her eyelids, so I thought it would be a great look to re-create if you forgot it was Halloween last minute and you need something to wear.

All you'll be needing is a white eyeshadow and a black felt tip eyeliner.

Start by applying white eyeshadow. Next, using your eyeliner, draw a pupil on your lids. Now, continue the circle. Draw eyelashes and you're done, so you have eyes when you close your actual eyes!!! Just don't walk around with your eyes closed!


Lady Gaga ''Born This Way'' Halloween Tutorial

Wow! Halloween is approaching!! So how 'bout I finally do the follow-up to my Lady Gaga Halloween Tutorial?

You'll need:
Blonde wig tied in a side ponytail
Pale pink hair extension
Black and white face paint
Black tux

This eerie look requires face paint because you have to be a monster. Use that to create a skull design on your face and neck, using the picture above.

Lady Gaga is wearing a tux while sporting this look in her ''Born This Way'' music video, so it's time to raid your father's, uncle's or even brother's closet for a black tux and white shirt. This look also requires a bow tie, available at any thrift store.

Hair: Wear a long blonde wig, and tie it in a side ponytail. Add some light pink extensions. I even saw the actual wig, so buy that if you can.

So, that was a brief tutorial. Hope you enjoyed!!!!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Lady Gaga Halloween Tutorial

I was requested to do this one a while ago, but I didn't know what outfit to do, so that's why it's not up yet. But here it is! I will do another one tomorrow, with a different look.

This is the dress I chose, but there is so many options, so that's why there's no ''You'll Need'' column today!

You're Mother Monster herself. It would look stupid if you didn't go all out! So, AGAIN, I know I say this a lot, but I can't do a thourough makeup tutorial, since I'm only 11, but I can give pointers. You can paint the lightning bolt, a Gaga trademark from when she first came out and attach a diamond for a classic Lady Gaga look, or just really do dramatic eyes and EXTREME lashes, possibly even colored ones. So just go all out!! Dramatic lips are also a must.

Oh my God, the possibilities!! A tip is to watch all her videos and look at a bunch of pictures and decide which one you'll get reconized the most with. I really love the one shown above, but I think the most facinating one is the meat dress she wore to the VMA'S in 2010, but I don't want you to get salmonella and I don't know how to make it. If I get an idea, I'll comment explaining it. Also, a simple look is a leotard with a hood and dramatic sunglasses, or the mirrorball dress which is easy to make using the right glue and mirrored squares. How to make the one is simple using papier mache. All of Lady Gaga's dresses have a dramatic shape, so attach wire at the bottom. Sorry for the vagueness, but it's really up to you how you want to interprate the look.

It really depends on the look you want to portray. If you go for her ''Poker Face'' music video look, go for the blonde bangs and the bow. For any more recent look, go for either long blonde hair or yellow waves. Even turquoise locks are something she has sported, if you watched the MMVA'S.

So that's it! I wish I can go more in thourough detail, but it's really hard to interprate all of this style chamelion's looks in one tutorial!!

Tell me below what Gaga look you like best below!

Strawberry Shortcake Halloween Tutorial

I am mad! Why? Because they changed Strawberry Shortcake's look! To pay tribute to the older outfit and hairstyle, how 'bout a Halloween tutorial?

PS, when selecting this picture, turns out there was an even more vintage version!!

You'll need:
 Oversized strawberry hat
Pink and green striped long-sleeve shirt
Baggy jeans (preferably light wash)
Red sweater or scarf
Short red flippy wig
False lashes
Clear lip gloss

No extreme makeup is necessary, but false lashes are an important part of this costume. Apply some according to the directions on the box. Next, apply clear gloss after applying balm. (This step is optional) Next, using a brown eyeliner, dot freckles all over your face.  

Wear a pink and green striped t-shirt if you can find, but any striped long sleeve shirt will do, as long as there is some kind of pink in it. You can't forget about the  hat! Buy a large straw hat, paint it pink and attach ribbon, which should be tied in a bow and have huge strawberry. Light wash denim jeans will work well for this look, but they should be baggy to go with the country-girl look. Tie a red sweater or t-shirt around your waist.

A short, flippy red wig is ideal for your look. The hat should've went in this part, sorry!!

So I guess that's the look!! Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black Swan Halloween Tutorial

Ahh finally!!! Haven't done one in ages!! If I'd pick a second costume to be, I'd be this. (Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan)

 You'll need:
Black tutu
Black leotard
Black eye makeup/face paint shaped as wings
Black tiara
Dark red lipstick
Pale foundation

Start by piling on tons of pale foundation. Create wings using black and brown face paint around your eyes. Use the picture above as a reference. Finish off with dark red lips and you're done!

You're portraying a ballerina. Really. What else to do than a tight top bun? Finish off with a tiara, and your look is done!

Again, you're portraying a ballerina, so wear any black leotard with a black tutu, although the one in the movie is decked out in feathers and glitter. It really doesn't matter how it is decorated, as long as it's a black tutu and leotard.


Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips...PART 2!!!

Ahh great to be back blogging!! It feels like it's been so long, but, really only 2 days!!! I had to take a Halloween tutorial break. Sorry, but I did too many and I'll still continue doing them, but not at this moment! So I wanted something that can be used year-round, unlike my costume tutorials, so how 'bout a sequel to Tips?!
  • Never pop a pimple! It'll just get worse
  • Although I was strictly against it last post, I tried an eyeshadow palette at the dollar store for Halloween, and it worked AMAZING, so maybe you can buy some at the dollar store!
  • The #1 mistake tweens make is the second they step in junior high, they pile so much makeup on! Start with a little, than build it on!
  • Never buy a knockoff anything (well, knockoff Keds are o.k, 'cause they are more comfy)
  • Don't try too hard to be something you're not! It pays off to be yourself!
  • While cleaning out your junk drawers, only put very important things there, the rest store away in a tote bag, with your closet.
  • Never be shy to request posts to me, I love getting ideas from you!
  • Follow me on Twitter:!/roxanneizzo
So yeah, that was just random but helpful tips!!!!
You saw the second-to-last tip, so do it!!!


PS, My ''Kathy Beth Terry Halloween Tutorial'' has 133 views!! Thank you!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trend Alert: Army Boots

I am fed up of doing tutorials!!! I missed some days, but I will make up for it, but let's just do a trend report!

A cool trend is army boots, which I own myself. They're pretty chunky, but still sleek and fashionable. These can be worn with anything, from leggings to skirts and always look great. Something I find so cool and in right now is army boots with dark, cable-knit leg warmers.  Mine were a Christmas present, but there are cool ones from the brand Material Girl, which is amazing! Doc Martens are also making a comeback, so those are also cool!

So go out and get your army boots!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hair Bun Tutorial

Buns in your hair are so practical, so why not do a tutorial?

You'll need:

Hair brush and comb
Lots of bobby pins and barrettes!!!

Step 1:
Brush your hair, as usual

Step 2:
Flip your head upside down and twist it.

Step 3:
Start forming your bun. Use your comb to straighten any bumps. Make your bun wider if you like

Step 4:
Pin any excess hair in place

So that's how to form a perfect bun! You can either do a top bun, high bun in the back of your head, or a low bun!!!

Bye guys!

Snooki Halloween Tutorial

This post was scheduled for yesterday, but I'll do it today!

You'll need:
Bronzer or orange face paint
Black or animal print dress
Black wig with pouf
Smokey eye kit
False lashes
Fuzzy slippers

Here is a picture of Snooki herself:

The whole Jersey Shore cast is known to be super-tanned, so wear tan foundation and bronzer for a realistic look. But, it's Halloween, so if you want to play up the character, use orange face paint for your face and neck. Finish off with smokey eyes and fake lashes.

Snooki has many signature outfits, but her main one is a tight-fitting dress with a cardigan over. Now, whether it's plain black or animal print, it doesn't matter, but whichever one you choose, you should have the opposite color for the cardigan. Finish off with chunky, fuzzy slippers

Duh! Wear the signature Snooki wig with the pouf. Enough said.

Nails (special column for this tutorial):

Wear fake French tip nails.

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smurfette Halloween Tutorial

Are you feelin' blue? You shouldn't! Have a ''smurfy'' good time this fall with a cute tutorial sure to turn heads. I tried this two years ago, but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. But now that the Smurf movie came out, accessories are so much easier to find!

You'll need:
Blue face paint
White dress
Blonde wig
White hat
Blue bodysuit or turtleneck

Here is a photo of Smurfette herself:

Sorry if it's small, but you should start by painting yourself blue. Next, just wear false lashes or lots of mascara. Also paint your neck.

Outfit and accesories:

Smurfette always wears a white dress. This is the trickiest part with this costume, which is the reason why I didn't sport it two years ago. Halloween is normally cold, especially where I live, so you can't just go with the dress. You'll need a bodysuit, a blue one so it can match up with your skintone. So if you can't find one, dye one blue. You'll also need a white hat, which is sold at costume stores. Carry a flower with you. Done!!!

So hope ya enjoyed! Comment if you find the Smurfs movie SO CUTE!!!!!!

Katy Perry Inspired Nail Tutorial

Before I start this, I would love to say that my Kathy Beth Terry Halloween tutorial is officially the most popular, at EIGHTY SOMETHING page views!!! I'm so happy, so to celebrate, here is a Katy Perry inspired nail tutorial!

You'll need a hot pink nail color, black nail polish, a dotting tool or back of a bobby pin.

Step 1:
Paint your nails pink
Step 2:
Once the pink has dried, pour some black nail polish on a hard surface you don't mind getting dirty. Using the bobby pin, dip into polish and make dots.
Step 3:
Finish off with a topcoat and you're done!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wicked Witch of the West Halloween Tutorial

Hey guys! So today I have a SCARY tutorial for y'all! I missed two days, but it's OK. Let's get with this Wizard of Oz character!!!! I may add that she freaks me out and I might have nightmares tonight, but whatever!

You'll need:
Green face paint
Black long-sleeve dress
Black witch hat
Old broom
Fake red nails


Here is a (scary!) picture of the witch herself:

So, obviously, paint yourself green. Add a mole and define your brows using black face paint. Make sure to paint your lips green, too!


It goes without saying. But I have to say it, or else it wouldn't be a costume tutorial! Wear a long sleeve black dress and witch hat. This is the only night where you have my permission to wear fake nails, so you can, but I still suggest painting your nails a classic red, green or black. Carry a dusty broom with you.

Hope you liked this tutorial, the most typical ''scary'' costume you can get!!!
A very spooked Roxanne

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Halloween Tutorial

How cute is this costume? It's another pretty popular one, so why not do a tutorial!? Enjoy!

You'll need:
White and yellow face paint
Red bow
Cute red dress and pink shirt
Black face paint or eyeliner
White cat ears


Paint your face white. Using a black face paint stick, draw a black oval outline and color it in with your yellow one. Next, contour your eyes with black ovals and draw black whiskers.

Hello Kitty always wears some kind of jumper or overall, so wear any colorful one you can find. Underneath, wear a bright colored or patterned long-sleeve shirt. Wear white kitty ears, obviously, then attach a red bow.


80's Halloween Tutorial

Another popular costume! It's super easy and fun! Enjoy!

You'll need:
Neon skirt
Crop top (or any loose or off the shoulder neon top)
Neon leggings
Puffy wig
Neon makeup

Here is a picture of the look:

Wear neon eyeshadow, hot pink lipstick, thick liner and a ton of mascara!


Bright clothes are a must! Wear a neon or patterned skirt. Pair it with a loose top, preferably a crop top and leggings, all neon. Wear tons of bangles.

The poufier, the better! Wear a puffed-up, curled wig or even tease out your own hair! If so, slip some bright hair extentions in it.


Easy, wasn't it?

: )

Minnie Mouse Halloween Tutorial

Many people are dressing up as Minnie Mouse this year, so why not a tutorial?

You'll need:
Polka dot dress (red or yellow)
Mouse ears/bow (red or pink
False lashes
Thick eyeliner


Makeup for Minnie Mouse is so simple! You ARE a cartoon, so wear false eyelashes and thick eyeliner. Also, paint a black dot on your nose.

A puffy-sleeved polka dot dress is a must. Minnie always has a red or yellow one, so it's up to you which one to portray. If I'd wear this look, (which I won't) I'd wear the yellow one. Mouse ears with a bow are also a must. For the yellow dress, pink ones are important, but for the red one, matching ones are the way to go!

So hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!


Nicki Minaj Halloween Tutorial

I am REALLY aggravated! I wrote this tutorial on Saturday and tried publishing it, but it didn't work and Blogger didn't save it!! So here I am writing it again!!! : (

I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan, BTW!

You'll need:
A hot pink wig
Baby pink lipstick
Pink bodysuit
Dark foundation (if you're pale)
Neon eyeshadow
Chunky, girly bling
False lashes

Here is a picture of Nicki herself:

So, Nicki Minaj is always wearing neon eyeshadow. To imitate the ''Super Bass'' singer's look, wear neon pink, green, blue or yellow exaggerated eyeshadow. Another must is really thick black eyeliner, which should be winged at the tip. False lashes are also a must. To achieve a darker skin tone if you're pale like me, wear darker foundation and make it look natural by blending it in. Her lips are always pink, but never too bright, so a soft bubblegum lip is necessary. Remember, I'm only 11, so I'm no makeup specialist.


Nicki's hair is always bright and colorful, but her trademark wig is hot pink. If that's hard to find (which it shouldn't really be) go for a blonde one with bangs. Above, she is sporting a pink beehive, but any pink wig will really do.

Outfit and accessories:

For the outfit, Nicki is always wearing body suits, so go for a bright pink leotard and tights. If you can find it, a patterned one is a must. I saw while I was shopping at costume stores that they sell individual ones, which is great! Remember, you're portraying a rapper, so tons of girly bling is perfect. Exaggerated nails are also a Minaj trademark, so go for those!


Friday, October 07, 2011

Greek Statue Halloween Tutorial

This is just a light, pretty Halloween tutorial from my mini series. It`s not my type of costume, but I know someone out there would love to be this for Halloween, so enjoy!

You`ll need:
White face paint
Drape-y white dress (preferably a maxi dress)
Fake birds

Here is a photo of a Greek statue itself:

Paint yourself white. That`s all

Pull your hair in a bun and make it white using baby powder or dry shampoo.

Any drape-y white dress can work for this look. You can make one by cutting a bed sheet into a maxi dress.

Accessories: During Halloween season, fake parrots are always available for pirate costumes. Paint one white and carry it around because statues are always surrounded by birds. Oh, and remember, never smile!

This was probably my easiest and cheapest tutorial! Hope you enjoyed!

Very, Very, VERY Important!!!!!!!!

So this is nothing beauty or fashion related, but read it anyway because it's still VERY important! (Don't worry, it's nothing scary)

Read my favorite artist list. Do you notice any bands you don't know? Well, there's one in particular that are AMAZING and that you should definitely check out! The name is Basement Superheroes and they are my favorite band. Their album Fake is now on iTunes, available to download, so that's what you should do. I find that there is a song on this album for everyone, no matter what your musical taste is, like, some songs are more pop, some are more electronic, some are more rock and some are more like ballads. My favorite songs on this album are Your Club, Do You Believe and Hit It. And, good news if you live in the Montreal area! They will be playing a show at Underworld, in downtown Montreal on Friday, November 4th! So, if you can make it, see you there!  Don`t forget to check them out on Youtube and Facebook, by typing in `Basement Superheroes`!
So please support them!!!

September Favorites!!

It's about time! So here are my fave products of the month! Enjoy!

Left to right:
Neutrogena Deep Clean: I started using this cleanser again and realized it's the one for me! It leaves my skin with a soft, smooth, clean and tingly sensation! (literally!)
Body Shop Lip Butter in Pink Grapefruit: It leaves my lips so smooth and is a great moisturizer. Plus, it smells amazing!
EOS Lip Balm: Man, I love my ''chapball"! Not only is it an amazing lip balm, it is so CUTE and fun to apply!
Nicole by OPI  Black Texture: I have a full review on this, which I did awhile ago, but I did a full manicure with it for the first time with Insta-Dri's Lightning (yellow) underneath and loved it!
OPI ''You're a Pisa Work'': Another product I reviewed...and loved! I love the color AND formula!
Body Shop Body Mist in ''Vanilla'' and ''Japanese Cherry Blossom'': These both smell AMAZING! I got the vanilla one back in February, but I still love using it for my room, as a ''sleep spray'', and the Japanese Cherry Blossom one is new and I love it for my body, as a perfume!
Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in ''Sweet Pea'' I can't really review a hand sanitizer, but it smells amazing!
Body Shop Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit: My lip balm's mother! I've been using this since May and been loving it!! It makes your skin so smooth and, again, smells amazing.

So go out and get these products! This is not a sponsored post.

Finally!! Barbie Halloween Tutorial

I'm finally doing my tutorials again!! I saw by watching other tutorials, people requested Barbie, the ultimate girly-girl, so why not do it myself? Feel free to continue requesting, and let me know what YOU'RE gonna be for Halloween! FYI'S: 1-I am completely fine, nothing's happened to me and there is no valid reason for me to have not been blogging. Just follow me on Twitter, link at the end of the tutorial to know what I'm up to and why I'm not blogging at the moment! And 2-I will not do a tutorial for my costume, I'll most probably do an OOTD. Again, the only way to know is Twitter!

You'll need:
Pink dress
Pink shoes
Pink purse (possibly plastic)
Blonde wig (if you're not blonde)
 Baby pink lipstick
Blue or pink eyeshadow (possibly glittery)

Here is Barbie herself:

Remember, you're a doll. Makeup IS costume-y. You're portraying the typical blonde Barbie, who normally wears pink or blue eyeshadow, so pile it on! False lashes are a must, but you should paint some on to REALLY look like a doll! Finish with baby pink lipstick

Pile on the pink! Wear a pink dress, cut a slit in the back and attach Velcro. Wear pink shoes, bracelets and carry a pink purse! Sunglasses on your head can also be worn!



Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Sorry if I haven't been posting any costume sugesstions! I've been really busy with homework and stuff. Tomorrow, I will post three to make up for everything. So send me your requests!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Kathy Beth Terry Halloween Tutorial

Ha! If you want to be a nerd for Halloween, don't just be ANY nerd, be Katy Perry's character in her ''Last Friday Night (TGIF)'' music video! It's so easy and will get you noticed!!

You'll Need:
A pink sweater or turtleneck
A denim romper
Tortoise shell nerd glasses
Fake braces and headgear
Black wig (optional)
Decorative elastic or scrunchy
Plastic barette
Crocs and socks

Here is a picture of Kathy Beth Terry herself:

Kathy Beth dosen't often wear makeup, or she does, but it's very subtle, so it's not neccisary

Her signature outfit is a light denim romper/jumpsuit with a pink turtleneck underneath. Since the video is set in the 80's, these clothes are vintage looking and can be found at any thrift store. If you can't find a romper, go for a denim dress, but if that's hard to find, go for light denim shorts and a denim vest. For shoes, she wears tie dye Crocs with socks. Crocs are so easy to find and pretty cheap, so that's super easy! (Just an FYI, DON'T WEAR THEM WHEN IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN!!!)
Kathy's hair is always in a side braid, tied by an exaggerated elastic. In the video, it has little ball-shaped beads, but any neon, patterned and fun scrunchy will do! She also has a plastic barette, which is avaiable at any dollar store. If you want the exact black hair, braid a black wig.

What's the typical nerd without glasses, braces and headgear? Tape up some tortoise shell nerd glasses, get a fake braces/headgear set and you're done! (All available at party supply stores!)
Hope this tutorial was helpful!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ke$ha Halloween Tutorial

Time to start my 30 Days of Halloween! Yay! I'm a pretty big Ke$ha fan, and I find her look is really cool and original, so why not be her for Halloween?

You'll need:
Black eyeliner pencil
Smokey eye kit (or shadows)
Blue lipstick
Cutoff shorts or an old pair of jeans
Cowboy or motorcycle boots
A leather or fur jacket
Black band t-shirt
Messy blond wig or something to make your hair messy
Lots of glitter!

Here is a picture of Ke$ha herself:
For Ke$ha, she always has dark, loud makeup, but I'm no makeup specialist. Do smokey eyes using a palette or individual shadows. Wear lots of mascara or false lashes. Now, using your eyeliner, make the tears seen in the picture above. Search YouTube, magazines or blogs for a tutorial! Finish off with blue lipstick

Ke$ha is often spotted wearing black. Wear a black band t-shirt or a t-shirt with a wild animal on it, which is also something she would wear. Next, wear cutoff shorts. If you don't own a pair, use old jeans or buy a cheap pair at a thrift store and cut them really short. Another Ke$ha trademark is a leather or fur jacket. Ideal: a fur motorcycle jacket. If you don't know what that is, see my ''Fall Outerwear'' post. Finish with cowboy or motorcycle boots. Well, any black or brown boots will do!
Another idea is to buy a long black t-shirt, wear a tank underneath and fringe it using scissors. That is your dress. Finish off with the same two things: Leather jacket and boots.

Ke$ha's hair is so messy and carefree. Copy her look by buying a long blonde wig with no bangs and just mess it up. You can just leave it out of the box, and it will mess itself up! If you have blonde hair, just mess it up yourself by tousling and back-combing.

Glitter! Before leaving, throw glitter or comfetti on yourself. You can even use glitter body spray.  Leopard nails are also a must! Use Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in the leopard pattern to get the look and protect your natural nails instead of using false nails!

So there you have it! Just a tip: I DON'T reccomend dressing like this every day, but, hey, it's HALLOWEEN!!!