Monday, September 26, 2011

Trend Alert: Fall Jackets

My most viewed post to date is my ''Varsity Jackets'' one, so I decided to blog about more fall jackets!

Trend #1: Fur Motorcycle jackets

The ultimate cool-girl jacket for fall! I own one from Winners, which I love. What it is is a thick, bulky motorcycle jacket, but where it folds, there is fuzz (or fur, depending on the model.) Since it is rather bulky, it flatters any body type.

Trend #2: Military jean jackets

 Another ultimate cool girl jacket! What this one is is a jean jacket in an army green or beige color. This, as well flatters all shapes/sizes.

Trend #3: Faux fur jackets

This is the perfect Gossip Girl spoiled brat jacket but in a great way! You'll look elegant all the time! What this amazing jacket is is a really amazing  faux fur bulky jacket, which is truly gorgeous! Again, it looks amazing on any body type!

So there you have it!

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