Monday, September 12, 2011


Today's blog will just be a blog where I give random tips about n'importe quoi!! Enjoy!!

-Drink water!! You wouldn't believe how much that clears up your skin!!!
-Stay away from NYC nail polish!!! It is cheap (by that I mean poor quality)
-Also, any beauty product from the dollar store (unless it's a known brand) may be unsafe, so back off!!
-15$ should be the maximum money spent on a nail polish color, unless it's a color you'll wear for a long time! As much as I love nail polish, there is a limit!!!!
-When picking a good beauty guru, pick someone you'd get along with if you knew them!!
-Don't take my tips if you don't believe them!
-Use a powerful acne cleanser for about a month or so, then switch to a more gentle one!
-Never take a head shot using a webcam (so random, but true!!!)
-When dressing up for a special occasion, wear something you're comfortable with!
-It's always better to overpack than underpack!

So some of these tips were very out-of-the-blue, but yeah, that's that!!!

: )


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  2. thank you!! I followed your blog too!! : )