Thursday, September 22, 2011

Room Decor Ideas and Tips

Today's post will be about room decor! If you want a room tour, just ask or inbox me because I'd love to do one.  Here are my decor tips:

  • Pick a wall color you really like. Make sure it looks crisp and fresh. What really looks nice is one wall one color and the rest white or a pale color. My walls are lavender, in case you asked
  • When choosing a comforter, choose well! Not only does it have to match your room, it also has to match your taste and look, again crisp!
  • As for organizing, having a dresser or armoire is really practical, especially for stuff like pyjama's. Book cases, sets or junk drawers, beauty product storage bins and nightstands are also musts
  • As for headboards, I have a daybed. I really like having a hardboard because it's like the centerpiece of a room, but it is optional
  • A desk is really practical to have, but I also love when rooms have a little extra something that represents them, perhaps a vanity or a keyboard, which I have. Music is also important in a room, so have a speaker or a radio handy
  • As for lighting, I love chandeliers!
  • Artwork is really important in a room, perhaps one of the most important things! Pick paintings, posters, pictures, ANYTHING you like! Never put a blank poster from a magazine on a wall, though because it doesn't look nice. Frame it!
So there you have it! If you have anything to add, let me know! Bye!

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