Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 Shoe Trends!!!

I was requested to do a post on shoes, so I'll do one today!!! The reason why I never really did one is because shoes are a personal thing. If you choose comfort over style, go for it!! But there are still a couple of shoes I really dislike, but doesn't mean you can't wear them! Here are my 2 favorite shoes for this fall!!

Vans: You can never go wrong with slip on Vans! They are comfy, but so simple! I think plain or patterned will work fine!!
Hunter rain boots: Rain boots are stylish? Yes! Hunter boots are great winter boots and a sleeker alternative to Uggs! There is nothing wrong with Uggs, but these are less chunky and less expensive! You can buy some specific socks to make them warmer if you please!

So there you have it!

Here are  some pictures:

And  I decided to add my favorite Uggs!!! : )

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