Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Most Comfy Ballet Flats

So flats are ADORABLE and go with anything, but a tiny problem...they are NOT always comfortable. Well, great news!! I have discovered the most comfy EVER!! Some of you might've already heard of this brand, some of you may have not, but if you can, I suggest getting some!! The brand is called Blotch and it also makes dancing shoes. The model I own is called the LUXURY BALLET FLAT (the model pictured below) in fuschia and black, which I wear so often. There are just a couple of flaws. First, is the price. If you order yours off Zappos.com, they are $165, which isn't cheap at all, but it IS worthy. Second, when they are new, the elastic band the LUXURY BALLET FLAT tends to cut in your skin, which does hurt. So I do reccomend splurgeing, but I was lucky enough to find mine for only $60 at Winners.

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