Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ask Roxanne!!!

Good morning fellow bloggers!!! So I would like to tell you guys about my new column, Ask Roxanne! So in the comments, ask me anything you need to know and I will do a whole blog post on the topic. It's that easy!!! So stay tuned!!



  1. So i am a close friend of yours (well i hope) and just wanted to know, so many people have baggy skater shoes and i have a really old pair that still fit me, and i wear them often. All my friends are getting those types or already have. Why are those no good? I would really appreciate if you blogged about it. I love your blog!!!

  2. Well, they are not cool because they don't go well with anything and are too chunky and heavy! not to be shallow or anything, but they are just not cool!! they are very unflattering on your legs!! thank you very much!!!

  3. Well Roxanne you shouldn't be telling people what to wear and what not to wear when you don't have any style.Acording to those ugly pics of those outfits on ur home page. I think skater shoes are relly cool, so to bad!!!
    Anyways some oh the coolest celeberties have been spotted wearing them !!!
    P.S i don't know you LOL !!!!

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  5. Well its me again!!! and if its in the eye of the beholder then that just proves that you should not be telling anyone what to wear!! therefore this blog was not a good idea.
    P.S i still don't know you