Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 store, 3 outfits 2!

I know not long ago, i published a 1 store, 3 outfits from Zara post, but i decided to do another one after I actually went to a Zara store because i saw even more nice clothes!

Here it is!


Outfit 1:

I really love this outfit!! The leopard leggings add instant edge to a plain sweater! This sweater should be long enough to cover yourself, but these leggings work as pants as well, because of their belt, so even if it's not, it'll still look fine! For shoes, I'd pair this outfit with my favorite motorcycle/army/riding boots!

Outfit 2:

This outfit is just a very casual, comfy and cute outfit. The jeans are really in for the fall! I decided to pair it with a casual Hello Kitty t-shirt for a cute touch. I'd wear flats with this outfit, just because I think it would dress it up a little!

Outfit 3:

This is just another casual outfit with a grunge vibe to it. The stretch pants are so cool-they have VELOUR POCKETS!! I really love the flannel shirt-it has such a carefree vibe to it! PS, you can wear the shirt two ways, buttoned, or even unbuttoned with a t shirt underneath! I'd do black Converse as shoes for this look.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you want more OSTO posts!!

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