Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to: Make a light body splash!!

Body splash is a great alternative to perfume because it is lighter!! Here is my recipie:

You'll need:
A spray bottle

Any product you would like to smell like (body wash, lotion etc.)


Step 1:

Add the product to the bottom of the spray bottle and fill it with water. The more you add, the stronger it will smell.

Step 2:

Shake well!

Step 3

Enjoy your customized scent!!!

Easy, wasn't it? It also cleanses your skin, because of the water!!!!

B2S: Tips!!

First of all, I am really sorry I haven't been posting in my mini series as I promised. I just wanted to get ideas first!! Plus, I have been awfully buisy!! But now I am!! Here are my tips for B2S:

Tips for the night before

1. Prepare in advance, so you can enjoy your last day of summer!! Label everything, pack your bag and pencil case and make sure you have everything!

2. Pick out your outfit early, so you won't stress the night or morning before your first day!

3. This may be out of your control, but try to go to any appointments before school starts!

Tips for your first day

1. Bring all your supplies because you will need them. If nothing fits in your backpack, bring a tote bag.

2.  Wear a comfy outfit!!!

3. Come up nwith a short and sweet recap of your summer vacation because you'll need it!

Tips for the school year

1. If you know me, you know I'm not one to talk, but never stress about anything!

2.  Do your homework early in the evening so you're free for the night

3.  Study as soon as you know you have a test so you can try your best!!

So I hope you enjoyed!! I start school tomorrow! You can add tips in the comments below!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Series: B2S!!

Hey everyone!!

From today, August 25th to August 31st, I will post a back to school mini series, filled with tips, outfit ideas, hauls, EVERYTHING you need to know about ''the most wonderful time of the year''!

So stay tuned!!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cute School Supplies?

Yes, school supplies and necessities can be cute! Harajuku Lovers, one of the cutest lines ever has their own line of school supplies, and they are truly adorabale! They are really inexpensive, too! If i'm not mistaken, the highest price is $12.99! You can find them at Target, if you live in the US, but in Canada, I found them at Pharmaprix!  (well, Shoppers Drug Mart!!)
Below are some pics of the line!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trend Alert: Pattern mixing!

A huge trend for 2011 is to let loose and mix patterns! This trend is very young and free spirited, but is also high fashion. The only problem with pattern mixing is that there are rules to follow, like you cvan't clash patterns too much, but as long as you keep them in the same color/pattern family, you'll look amazing! You can also mix textures, like silk tops mixed with velour leggings.  Photographed below is Rihanna wearing the perfect pattern-mixed outfit!! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 store, 3 outfits 2!

I know not long ago, i published a 1 store, 3 outfits from Zara post, but i decided to do another one after I actually went to a Zara store because i saw even more nice clothes!

Here it is!


Outfit 1:

I really love this outfit!! The leopard leggings add instant edge to a plain sweater! This sweater should be long enough to cover yourself, but these leggings work as pants as well, because of their belt, so even if it's not, it'll still look fine! For shoes, I'd pair this outfit with my favorite motorcycle/army/riding boots!

Outfit 2:

This outfit is just a very casual, comfy and cute outfit. The jeans are really in for the fall! I decided to pair it with a casual Hello Kitty t-shirt for a cute touch. I'd wear flats with this outfit, just because I think it would dress it up a little!

Outfit 3:

This is just another casual outfit with a grunge vibe to it. The stretch pants are so cool-they have VELOUR POCKETS!! I really love the flannel shirt-it has such a carefree vibe to it! PS, you can wear the shirt two ways, buttoned, or even unbuttoned with a t shirt underneath! I'd do black Converse as shoes for this look.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you want more OSTO posts!!

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I got great news for you!!! Now, you can e-mail me whenever you want! I would love to answer all your questions and stuff!! Just email me at roxannedreams@hotmail.com ! I'll answer anything!

Monday, August 15, 2011


This past spring, one of the main trends was colorblocking! It is so young and fresh! Well, good news for the fans of that trend. It's back for fall! Colorblocking is not too overwhelming if you wear it in small doses. For example, if you wear a pink top with muted blue pants, you'll still be colorblocking! Zara has many colorful items, like neon colored pants. And for tops, American Apparel always has what you're looking for, as far as plain bright t-shirts! I would definitely try this trend myself, like wearing hot pink or blue pants with a white silky shirt-nothing too exaggerating!  You can also wear colorblock skirts and flats (see my Most Comfy Ballet Flats post)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dress Codes!

If your school has a dress code, you're not alone. I have to wear a white top and a navy blue bottom every day for school! Well, this  post gives you 5 cute outfit ideas for back to school!


Stretch pants
Skinny pants
Big shirt or blouse
Baggy tee
Flowy shirt
Crop top
Tight pencil skirt

Stretch pants + Crop top + Tank (see my crop top post)

Tight pencil skirt+ Flowy shirt

Leggings + Big shirt or blouse + Baggy tee

Skinny pants + Flowy shirt

Pullover + Leggings + Baggy tee

So those are my outfits! Tell me in the comments which outfit you're most likely to wear and what you have to wear for school!

Until next post!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Perfect Jeans!!

Jeans are very hard to shop for. They, again have to flatter you, but still be comfy. Jeans form regular clothing stores can be good sometimes, but also can have a bad fit! Well, not with this brand! Levi's are the best jeans! First of all, if I'm not mistaken, they are one of the first jeans that came out! Second, they have so many styles to choose from. Another amazing thing is that they come in kids' and adults' sizes, so all shapes and sizes can fit in these! I don't own a pair of Levi's jeans, but I do own 2 pairs of shorts and I wear them everyday. I have shorts from Zara as well, and as much as I love Zara, they don't compare. Other items this classic brand sells are denim jackets and vests, as well as rompers and dresses. So go out and buy some Levi's!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Crop Tops??

So ever since last summer, crop tops have been a huge trend! They are cute, but are they wearable? Well, no. They look too provocative and, as I always say are unflattering! But you can still wear them, by layering a tank top under! This way, you can wear the trend without looking like you're trying to grow up too fast! Another thing that exists (which I own myself) are cropped sweatshirts, which are so cute!! Photographed below is Katy Perry wearing the look about three years ago, but it's still cool! I couldn't find a full pic, but I remember seeing this pic in a magazine and, yes the sweatshirt is cropped, paired with a white tank with black stars underneath and purple acid washed denim.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

How To: Braided Friendship bracelets

I absolutely love wearing a stack of friendship bracelets! It looks so cool and carefree! The easiest kind to make is the braided friendship bracelet. You only need to know how to braid to succesfully complete this bracelet.

You'll need:
- 6 strands of emberoidery floss (for example: three strands of pink, three strands of green, three strands of white)
- Scissors
-Tape or a clipboard

Step 1:

Cut your string. I suggest cutting more than neccisary so you have space to tie the bracelet.

Step 2:

Knot the top. Leave about an inch of space to tie your strings. Tape to a hard surface.

Step 3:

Separate the strands (so in my case, as I said before, the 3 pink strands, 3 green strands and 3 white strands should all be separate.) You can begin braiding the string now.

Step 4:

After you're done braiding, you can now tie your string. Knot the bottom, than tie the bottom string and the top string together. Cut the acces string. 
You're Done!!!!!!

So  have fun!!

PS, This is not my arm, I got this pic off the Internet!!! : )

Friday, August 05, 2011

Trend to try: Varsity jackets

A huge trend this fall is varsity jackets! The baggy fit is always flattering, and they work well with anything! I'd pair mine with skinny jeans and a t-shirt, or if I want to take a risk, I can pair it with a dress. This look is totally 80's, (think Sixteen Candles) with a modern twist! The picture below is the jacket I absoloutely want from Forever 21, which is only 20$, a great deal!! So hopefully you can try this trend!

The Right Bags!

When choosing a bag for yourself, you have to be careful. Big bags are fine, but they have to be very young and CANNOT be leather-that looks awful on young girls. I really love Marc by Marc Jaacobs' Miss Marc bags-they're perfectly young and fun! Also, Poppy by Coach has amazing bags! But, the new trend which I see a lot on young girls and I recently purchased for myself is crossbody bags! They hold all  your necessities without overwhelming you. Mine is Juicy Couture (photographed below) and I love it! It is so practical! When I was shopping for my bag, I came across many brands. Other  brands that have cute bags are Harajuku Lovers and, as I mentioned earlier, Coach. Below are my favorite styles:


Left to Right:
Juicy Couture (the one I purchased), Juicy Couture (comes in grey, pink and black), Harajuku Lovers (various colors and prints available)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

1 store, 3 outfits!

Zara's Web site just launched their fall/winter line, which is beautiful! From that line, I chose 3 great outfits, which I will be showing below.




Outfit 1:
I absolutely love this dress-it's almost a a tribal print, but it's also a paisley print in  a way. It reminds me of a carpet!!! I paired this dress with just plain black sheer nylons and oxfords-also a huge trend!! This is a great semi fancy outfit, but it can also be paired with leggings for a more casual outfit.

Outfit 2:

Out of all the outfits, this one is my fave. I love the baggy grey sweatshirt-it's such a versatile basic. But, I took a risk with pairing the basic top with green pants, which I will purchase for myself for sure! I decided to dress up this casual outfit with chic riding boots-another huge trend this fall! I'd also add a red leopard scarf and a solid-colored beret to add my personal touch to this plain outfit.

Outfit 3:

This is my take on the tribal trend-one of 2011's biggest trends. I love the print of the top and the shape is always very flattering, especially on a petite frame. I chose to pair this shirt with basic jeans, but it can also be paired with leggings, depending on how long it fits you. To add even more tribal to this look, I paired it with moccasins, which look SO comfy and cute!

To check out more of Zara's Fall/Winter 2011 line, check out http://www.zara.com/

All of this stuff is from Zara's Fall/Winter 2011 line, Girls 2-14 years. This is not a paid advertisement.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Nicole by OPI Texture Review

 Yes, I'm a nail polish addict! So when OPI came out with the Katy Perry collection, I was psyched. Not only is Katy Perry my idol, but the collection was so cool, especially Black Shatter. So I tried looking everywhere I can to find it, but I later found the mini nail polishes at Winners. But just today, I was at Pharmaprix and found Nicole by OPI Texture (their version of shatter polish) and got so excited. So I purchased it and I tried it on my thumb  and I was beyond satisfied. The first try, with ''Baby Blue'' by the same brand didn't work so well, so I tried again with a Sally Hansen white polish. I love how it just gives that shatter affect right after you apply it. So yes, I recommnd buying Texture nail polish.


What NOT To wear

So some things never go out, but some trends do. The only problem is, some stores still sell clothes when they are out. So this guide should help you. Enjoy!

NEVER wear:

Shutter Shades
Tight t-shirts
Leggings with a short, tight shirt
Shorts with boots (that's always skanky)
Chunky skateboarer shoes
Converse (those are fine!) with patterned or colored shoelaces
Crimped hair
Ankle boots with capri leggings
Jeggings that look like jeans ( leggings that have a button and pockets drawn on them
Knockoff designer bags

Perfume Talk

So perfume is another thing that when worn, can look like you're trying to grow up too fast. Well, here's the solution! Some perfumes are way too strong and too 'ladylike' which aren't good. So I reccomend sticking to a delicious smelling body lotion from a body and bath store (my fave brand is The Body Shop because of its variety) or choosing a delicate perfume. I really love Coach Limited Edition Summer, 65$ and Daisy by Marc Jacobs or if  you like sweet scents, I recommend Someday by Justin Bieber or Vera Wang Princess.

Until next blog!

Ask Roxanne!!!

Good morning fellow bloggers!!! So I would like to tell you guys about my new column, Ask Roxanne! So in the comments, ask me anything you need to know and I will do a whole blog post on the topic. It's that easy!!! So stay tuned!!



So makeup is supposed to hide all your flaws and make you look pretty. Well, when should you start wearing it? I think that if you're about 12 and wear a lot of makeup on an everyday basis, you'll look silly. So if you are 12 years old, I don't suggest wearing makeup everyday, but you can wear a natural-looking look on special occasions. (a little mascara, neutral eyeshadow, lipgloss) But if you are 13-14, you can start wearing that look everyday if you must. Under those ages, I think this is what you should do:
-Wash your face daily
-If you are shiny at parts, get blotting tissues, available at The Body Shop, 10$ for a pack of 2
-Curl your eyelashes!

Until next blog!!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Most Comfy Ballet Flats

So flats are ADORABLE and go with anything, but a tiny problem...they are NOT always comfortable. Well, great news!! I have discovered the most comfy EVER!! Some of you might've already heard of this brand, some of you may have not, but if you can, I suggest getting some!! The brand is called Blotch and it also makes dancing shoes. The model I own is called the LUXURY BALLET FLAT (the model pictured below) in fuschia and black, which I wear so often. There are just a couple of flaws. First, is the price. If you order yours off Zappos.com, they are $165, which isn't cheap at all, but it IS worthy. Second, when they are new, the elastic band the LUXURY BALLET FLAT tends to cut in your skin, which does hurt. So I do reccomend splurgeing, but I was lucky enough to find mine for only $60 at Winners.

Unflattering Clothing??

So as we get older, we tend to get more insecure of our bodies. Well, with the right clothing, anyone can feel great about themselves!!! So it really depends on your body shape. Take me for example: all winter I wore leggings and a baggier top because it is what flattered me the nicest. Yes, I'll admit it, I have a pot (yes, you read correctly, a pot!!) and sometimes, I feel insecure about it, but what flatters me and makes me look slimmer is a baggy top and super skinny jeans or leggings. But enough about me. The bottom line is that you have to stay true to your body shape and size. So here's what you should do:

-If you're curvy, stick with baggy tops and t-shirts
-No matter how skinny you are, overly tight tops are always unflattering, so if you must have one, pick one that's form fitting, but not too tight
-During warm months, if you have curvier legs, stick with bermuda shorts instead of short ones

So follow those tips and you'll always look great!!

Welcome to My Blog!!

Hey everyone!!! Welcome to my new blog, the Tween Dreams blog!! This fashion/beauty  blog is for girls ages 9-13, written by me, an 11 year old myself!!! So ENJOY!!!